Speak up against the “Abortion ‘Travel Ban’ for Minors” Bill

No matter where we live or who we vote for, I think we can all agree that children having children doesn’t always lead to the best outcomes. House Bill 1895 is Rep. Jason Zachary’s (R-Knox) attempt at an abortion “travel ban” by targeting our most vulnerable: Tennessee youth. This bill also targets trusted adults, family members, and helpers who assist minors in accessing legal abortion care.

Each of us should be able to make our own private, medical decisions without government intervention, including our young people. This bill forces children to have children, and that is just plain wrong, no matter what your feelings are about life. 

For decades, some Tennessee politicians have worked to divide us by eliminating access to healthcare providers, restricting and outright banning reproductive care, including access to contraception, sex education and policies that help parents and children. 

These repeated attacks on our reproductive freedom must stop. We envision a Tennessee where children, from Memphis to Mountain City, from Clarksville to Chattanooga, can thrive: where children can be children in safe, supportive, healthy and loving communities; and, where children are free to turn to trusted adults, family members and helpers who can assist them in accessing the healthcare they need when they need it.