Petition to release of children removed from Black family after traffic stop


We are demanding the immediate release of five young children who were taken from their parents during a traffic stop in Manchester, Tennessee last month. [Read the Full Story on Tennessee Lookout]

It is unacceptable that the Tennessee Department of Children’s Service (DCS) is keeping these children in custody over a misdemeanor arrest of one parent and the other parent who was free to leave. It is even more concerning that DCS pursued the removal of these children after a flawed and unreliable instant hair follicle test. This action represents an overuse of power by the state and is discrimination against this Black family.

Furthermore, we demand transparency from the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) in releasing the body and dash cam footage of the traffic stop and interactions with the family. The THP's rejection of a public records request for the footage only raises more questions and suspicions about the agency's conduct.

Babies and young children belong with their parents, and it is the state's responsibility to support reunification. We urge DCS and Coffee County to do the right thing and immediately return these children to their parents. Failure to do so is a failure to protect the best interests of these children and their family.

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