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Tips: Start with an action verb Examples: “Stop, Save, Ban, Grant, Oppose, etc.” Name specific places, organizations, or people Example: “Raise the minimum wage in Minneapolis to $15 an hour.” Use longer titles to add key details Example: “Improve the diagnosis of secondary breast cancer — let us have scans!”
Tell your story Tips Our petitions experts recommend this structure: Paragraph 1: Who is impacted? Describe how people are concretely affected by the problem. Paragraph 2: What is at stake? Explain what it will mean if things change or stay the same. Paragraph 3: Why is now the time to act? Summarize and stress the importance of immediate action.
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Tips Do Use a close-up image of a person or animal that conveys emotion Use a simple image with a good color contrast Use image of public figures or local landmarks if applicable Don't Avoid images with text Avoid busy images Don't show graphic violence or sexual content.