Our ability to fight the climate crisis depends on how many of us show up. Let us know YOU'RE in to be a part of the “Clean Energy Generation.”

The Clean Energy Generation is a movement of action-takers coming together to create a healthier, more secure, and more sustainable environment, starting now.

  • We are the generation of people who are meeting the greatest challenge of our time – eliminating the pollution that’s causing the climate crisis.
  • We are the generation of clean energy that’s protecting our environment and transforming our economy for a healthier and safer future.

Let us know you're in

No matter what we look like, where we come from, or what’s in our wallets, most of us want to make things better for generations to come and to live in a country with clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, affordable energy bills, and good jobs so that we have what we need for our communities to thrive.

But today, we are experiencing now what science has predicted – that excessive carbon pollution from oil, gas, and coal fossil fuels has caused a climate crisis, polluting the air in our kids’ lungs and the water in their cups. We are damaging our climate and, with it, many things we depend upon for our future.

We are the generation


Just like citizens before us expanded access to electricity, advanced civil rights, and won protections to clean up our air and water, we can come together again to be the generation that secures a stable climate through a clean energy transformation that creates millions of jobs, lowers our bills, and gives us all safer and healthier communities.

We already have what we need to make this change. The tools and technologies to produce clean energy are more affordable and accessible than ever. We can generate enough clean energy to break free from our reliance on costly and polluting oil, gas, and coal. Plus, a historic level of federal funding for climate action and clean energy is now available for communities throughout our region. Change is already happening.

When we go all in for the health of our land, air and water, we’re truly all better off together, no matter what certain politicians and their dirty fuel lobbyists say to distract us from their failures.

By joining together, we can demand safe, clean, locally-made energy that will ensure our well-being for this generation and generations to come.