Petition for gun safety reform in Tennessee

After multiple legislative sessions and now even a "special session" that has failed Tennessee families, we know now more than ever that Tennessee children and families have invaluable worth and deserve leaders who will keep us safe and do their part to help prevent gun violence in our communities.

We deserve elected leaders who value the lives of our children and families and who will protect their freedom to safely grow up, graduate, and live a good life, no exceptions.

Our children and families are worth more than the distractions spread by politicians in power who point the blame at some group that is different while they block the common sense gun safety measures that the vast majority of us and law enforcement want.

They hope that if we fear each other, we will look the other way while they do nothing and continue to allow this growing harm and threat to our communities.

We are coming together to send the message we want elected leaders who know our children’s worth and are willing to prove it by passing legislation to save their lives, such as enhanced background checks and permitting processes to ensure that those who pose a danger to themselves or others do not have access to firearms, laws that ensure that firearms are stored properly to prevent children from accidentally accessing firearms, and limits on high capacity magazines. 

All Tennesseans, no matter our age, race, gender, or where we live in the state, deserve to live free from the fear of gun violence and are demanding that our elected leaders enact common sense gun legislation to make that freedom possible. 

Signing the petition will opt you in to learning more about - and from - local nonprofit organizations fighting for common-sense gun safety reforms and the health, safety, and wellbeing of all Tennesseans.