Petition to Protect Our Freedom To Be Ourselves

Our children should have the freedom to be themselves without discrimination from Tennessee lawmakers.

Across our races, backgrounds, and genders, most of us want our kids to have the freedom to learn, to be themselves, and to grow up healthy and safe.

But today, Governor Lee and the Supermajority Legislature are pushing laws that restrict our freedoms because of the color of our skin, what’s in our wallets, or because we are transgender. They exploit divisions and fears among us so they can distract us while they deny us the basic rights, resources, and respect all people deserve.

We are calling on Tennessee lawmakers to let our children be themselves and to keep them safe in our schools and community by ending their slate of hate against Tennessee children.

Make Tennessee a place where each one of us has the freedom to be ourselves, pursue our dreams, and are safe in our community and schools.

Signing the petition will opt you in to learning more about - and from - local nonprofit organizations fighting for common-sense gun safety reforms and the health, safety, and wellbeing of all Tennesseans.