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Tax Fairness


Sen. Bob Corker wins from the tax bill, while Tennesseans lose Economist Dean Baker estimates that Sen. Bob Corker could see a more than $1 million windfall from a provision in the latest tax bill Corker is now supporting. Source: International Business Times and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. WHAT AVERAGE TENNESSEANS GET ……

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Letter to Editor: Fair Taxes by Curtis of Nashville, TN

Curtis of Nashville, TN writes: Dear Tennessean: The Republican tax bill is a monstrosity of anti-democratic taxation. The Republicans are set to hand over at least $1.2 trillion to the already fabulously wealthy in this country, while doing the three card monty on the middle class with an insignificant break that goes away in a…

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Sen. Bob Corker’s Growing Support for the Tax Bill Betrays His Core Principles

Corker’s Proposed “Trigger” to Offset Increased Deficits if Tax Revenue Doesn’t Pan Out is Roundly Criticized by Experts on Both Sides Earlier this week, Sen. Bob Corker negotiated an, as yet, unspecified “trigger” mechanism that is supposed to result in automatic tax increases some years down the road if the tax legislation working its way…

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NEW REPORT: Tax Plan Would Devastate Tennesseans’ Health Care

262,000 More Uninsured In Tennessee Premiums To Rise $2,970 For Tennesseans Cuts Medicare In Tennessee By $539 Million A Year A new report released by the Center for American Progress (CAP) predicts dire consequences for Tennessee under the Senate tax bill, which includes an amendment to repeal the requirement that all Americans have health coverage.…

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9 Terrible Things About the Tax Plan

Puts corporations over healthcare. Corporate tax rate is slashed from 35% to 20%, losing $1.5 trillion—equal to the cuts Republicans plan to make to Medicare and Medicaid. Puts Wall Street over seniors. Hedge funds, law firms, and real estate companies like Trump’s get a $448 billion tax cut from the drop (from 39.6% to 25%)…

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