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Patriots PROTECT Our Democracy

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Dear Marsha Blackburn:

True patriots protect our democracy.

Our top intelligence agencies have said repeatedly that our elections are under attack by foreign leaders who want America to fail.


That’s why Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia tried to pass the Foreign Influence Reporting in Elections (FIRE) Act by unanimous consent.


The law is simple: if a foreign entity reaches out to a presidential campaign, the campaign must report it to the FBI. 


Instead of standing up for fair elections and accountability for those who would do our country harm, you blocked the legislation.

It is wrong to protect foreign rulers who are hostile to America and you should support the FIRE Act. 


It's 2019 and the first presidential votes are less than eight months away.

Tennesseans, and all Americans, want to make sure our elections are reliable and free of foreign corruption.
Stop fighting against our country - and fight for it.


Tennessee voters

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