Angela of Memphis, TN writes:

The Supreme court, transition a law to uphold the Affordable Care Act providing hard-working, middle-class, families with the care that they need. This proposal would help, several young adults, to continue coverage on their parent’s health insurance until the age of 26( 2012). Now according, to accurate statistics, of 3.1 million of their children are, fully covered, on their health coverage plan. Consequently, this establishes, law has helped, to govern and coordinate the process of having adequate health coverage. Making sure that the policy for what it was intended for, will be entirely arranged, to indicated a typical, course of business. So many of our young adults, now have a better outlook on the government system, that it will regard higher standards, to execute and regulate an organizational quality management system for all. Parents can rest assure, that proper, adequate care will be provided for their dependent or child. The health care, delivery will, shelter the necessary performance, to develop a compliance budget that will be sustainable, for years to come.
I feel that the cause, of winning this enactment, was worth the action, that was taken to help ensure my daughters and many other twenty -years old, adult to have access to affordable health coverage. President Trump and the republican parties shouldn’t try to undermine this law by demolishing the coverage. The Healthcare act has helped many, so I ask that you Senator Bob Corker, please don’t allow, this medical coverage, to become obsolete.


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