Tennesseans for Clean Air, Water, Land & Energy

Senators Alexander and Blackburn

Oppose the Attack on Fuel Efficiency Standards that reduce pollution, protect health, and cut our dependency on foreign oil.

Dear Senators Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn,

Fuel efficiency standards have proven to be a common-sense policy that works for Tennesseans. These standards save us money at the gas pump, cut our dependence on foreign oil, keep us competitive in the economy, and reduce harmful air pollution.

President Trump is trying to roll back these Clean Car Standards, which if left in place, would nearly double the fuel efficiency of cars and drastically reduce harmful tailpipe pollution. Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is collecting comments on this dangerous rollback proposal.

Senators Alexander and Blackburn, will you speak up on behalf of Tennesseans and clean air? Please let the EPA and this administration know that you oppose President Trump's assault on Clean Car Standards. As your constituent, could you please forward this letter, and the letters of thousands of other Tennesseans, to the EPA?

By even considering a rollback of the Clean Car Standards, the EPA is failing to fulfill its missions to protect our precious resources, defend clean air, and reduce America's dependence on dirty fossil fuels.

Please oppose these attempts to undermine fuel efficiency standards that protect public health, cut pollution, and support America as a competitor in a growing economy.

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