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Senator Corker and Alexander: Oppose the Attack on Fuel Efficiency Standards that reduce pollution, protect health, and cut our dependency on foreign oil.

Dear Senator Corker and Lamar Alexander:

Thank you for your previous support of fuel efficiency standards. They've proven to be a common sense policy that’s working for Tennesseans, saving us money at the gas pump, cutting our dependency on big foreign oil, keeping us competitive in the economy, and reducing harmful air pollution.

President Trump, in another irrational move, is working to reverse that progress. Senator Corker and Alexander, please continue to hold your ground and oppose President Trump and Senator Blunt’s assault on fuel efficiency standards.  We're saving money, reducing consumption of foreign oil, and cutting tailpipe pollution that harms the health of our communities.

Please stand by your early votes and oppose attempts to undermine fuel efficiency standards that protect health, cut pollution and keep us as a competitive growing economy.

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